Overview of Sessions 3-4

Developing a Conversational Prayer Life

How do we receive this life from God? One of the most incredible things about God is his desire to speak into our lives and teach us the ways of the Kingdom. Learning to hear his voice and have conversations with him can literally transform our hearts and minds.

In order to develop a personal relationship with God and to live as God meant for us to live, we need to be able to have conversations with Him about our life. This means learning how to engage with the Spirit of God directly and listen to his voice. According to the New Testament, this is the birthright of every child of God.

In these two Sessions we will describe in detail how to listen to and discern the promptings of the Spirit. Great emphasis is placed on how to remain humble and teachable in this process so that we remain open to his correction at every point in our lives and in our conversations with him.

Learning how to have conversations with God allows him to mentor us in the ways of the Kingdom, just as he said he would (John 14-16). We can then build the kind of relationship with him that will change us from the inside out.

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