Getting Started

What do I need in order to experience Forming ?

See also … Multiple Ways to Begin

As a Participant in a group organized by someone else.

You only need 1 thing:

  • Workbook, Forming: Change by Grace (see below)

To Experience Forming for the first time,
when you don’t have access to a facilitated group.

You can go through the course by yourself, but it is best to invite a few friends to join with you! Working through Forming together with others will add a lot to your experience.
We suggest that you allow at least an hour and forty-five minutes per session.

You will need:

  • Forming teaching Videos
  • Forming: Change by Grace Workbooks (one for each participant)

After you have been through Forming, you may want to Facilitate a Group.

In addition to the teaching videos and workbooks, you will want to make use of the following resources:

  • Forming Facilitator Training Videos
  • Facilitator version of the Workbook, Forming Change by Grace (2 formats available)
  • Optional: Forming: A Work of Grace (a book for deeper exploration)



Order Streaming access Here

All Forming Teaching Videos and Facilitator Training videos are available via a streaming service.

Learn more about Streaming Here!


Order Participant Workbooks here

Each participant should have their own workbook for taking notes
and participating in the exercises.

( International Users, Please check our Resource Page )

Order the Facilitator Version of the Workbook Here

This is an extended Workbook with facilitator notes.

The pages match the Participant Workbook exactly, making it easy to discuss the material in groups.

You may also want to see our Spiral-Bound edition of the Facilitator Workbook.


Order Forming: A Work of Grace here

This is an optional text (390 pages) that provides all of the background theology and practical application from which the Forming Course was created.

The chapters follow the course outline, session by session. This book is often read by those who are considering getting the videos.

Please note: This does not contain the exercises that are used in the course. Those are only available in the Workbook.

We highly recommend this for facilitators because of its broad coverage of spiritual formation.

Also available from in Kindle format.


Order a Personal Journal here

This matching journal has 200 pages, wide-ruled for easy journaling.