Running an Online Course (Zoom)

Forming groups can be held in an online format, and it works quite well! Here’s a testimonial from a Spiritual Director who is leading Forming on Zoom.

Since we are still in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, we have utilized ZOOM for our sessions. The videos play great, and the technology has not seemed to impede the discussions, the attendance, or the value the participants are receiving from the course.” — Jim Long

We have created a document that will help you get started. There’s a lot of detail, but it’s not difficult. Just so you know … there are a number of ways in which facilitating the course online differs from leading in a classroom environment, which is why this document is longer than we had hoped. One of the main issues we have encountered is that normal internet speeds can have a lot of trouble accommodating the high-quality videos we created for the Forming course. The high-density video is simply too much of a load for normal internet speeds. For example, if you have a DVD version of Forming, online participants may experience periodic jumps in the video or significant lags between what they see and what they hear. As the presenter watching the video that you are transmitting, you may be completely unaware of the challenges faced by your viewers.

There are exceptions, of course. If you have great internet speeds, you may be able to transmit the high-density videos just fine. But this document still has a lot of tips that will improve how your participants experience the videos.

We have created two separate Video Menus (see the Streaming menu item). One contains the original high-quality (HD) videos, the other will show the Low Resolution videos that often work better in an online group. All Streaming subscriptions have complete access to both sets of videos.

Please download the document below and take care to follow the guidelines we have provided, so that you have the best possible experience with your online groups!

Be sure to let us know if you encounter any difficulties, so that we can address them and get them resolved.