Facilitator Training

Because Forming is primarily an experiential course, it differs in some significant ways from traditional Bible Studies and other Church Curriculum.
Consequently, we have developed important materials to help you facilitate a Forming Class. These materials include:

  • Course Orientation Videos
  • Session Focus Videos
  • Session Notes in the Facilitator Workbook

You can access the Facilitator Videos on our Streaming Site.
(previously, Facilitator Videos were available on DVD and USB)

Course Orientation Videos

If you are planning to facilitate a Forming class, we assume that you already have some experience with leading small groups. So we do not cover any of those basics. Instead, we focus on those aspects of Forming that make it fairly unique, and how those characteristics impact the best ways to lead this course.

General Overview: This video describes some of the ways in which Forming differs from traditional Bible studies and other courses that are commonly presented in church settings, and how those differences will impact you as a facilitator, as well as the members of your group.

Spiritual Practices: In this video, we explain the importance of practicing the material presented in the course. We also address a few issues regarding the nature of true spiritual practices and how they can be very life-giving instead of dry and boring.

Group Discussions: In Forming, the group discussions become incredibly important teaching contexts for the facilitator. In this video, we show two live discussion groups and demonstrate how to use the participants’ comments to add more substance to the material that is presented in the course videos.

Troubleshooting: Finally, we offer some insights on various challenges that might arise during the course.

Session Focus Videos

For each Session, we provide a short video to help the facilitator focus on the main objectives of that given session.

Session Notes in the Facilitator Workbook

The Facilitator Workbook contains all of the material from the Participant’s workbook, as well as several additional pages for each Session that walk the facilitator through the Session step-by-step, explaining the focus and process needed for each part.


Having all these resources makes facilitating really fun!