Take a Tour of Forming

Forming consists of twelve 90-minute sessions, each with a particular focus intended to jump-start your spiritual life and help you develop greater intimacy with God. Insightful teaching is provided on the videos, and relevant exercises are included in the workbook to help participants internalize the material and actually experience more of God. Over half of each session is devoted to exercises and group discussions.

Both seasoned believers as well as those new to the faith who have taken this course report that it has been one of the most important experiences of their entire Christian journey!

The best way to see the scope of Forming is to walk through the Forming Preview on our streaming site.

Forming Preview

Summary of the Twelve Sessions:

  1. Changing Our Minds About Change
  2. God is Relational
  3. Conversations with God (Focusing / Listening)
  4. Conversations with God (Discerning / Responding)
  5. Grace as a Means for Change
  6. Practice (Balancing God’s Part and Our Part)
  7. Practice (What to Expect)
  8. Practice (Barriers to Engaging with God)
  9. Renewing Our Mind
  10. Healing Our Identity and Self-Hate
  11. Disarming Our Fears and Anxiety
  12. Two Kinds of Maturity (spiritual and natural)