Overview of Session 5

Grace is Actually a Means for Transformation

potter's wheelWhat does grace have to do with transformation? Next to love, grace is perhaps the most broadly applied term in the New Testament in regard to God’s action in the lives of his people. Learning to live in grace is absolutely foundational to receiving life from God.

Unfortunately, while most of us associate the term grace with what happens to us at the time of our conversion, relatively few Christians have a clear understanding of what grace has to do with growing as a Christian. We tend to think of conversion as God’s job and the Christian life as our job. This is a very weak understanding of both grace and the Christian life.

As we learn how to engage in the work that God wants to do in our hearts, and sort out what part is God’s job and what is ours, we find that renewing the heart and mind is truly a work of grace in which we participate with God both consciously and actively.

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