Overview of Session 9

Renewing Our Mind

heart unlockedHow does change actually happen? Paul tells us renewing our mind will transform our life. But what exactly does it mean to renew our mind? And how do we renew our mind? Is it something that God does in us? And if so, what do we need to do in order participate with him in that?

This Session will examine the actual process of renewing our mind, including what that really means and how it happens. We will also look at why renewing the mind makes such a big difference in how we live. Along the way, we will discover why traditional approaches to discipleship may not only fail to renew our mind, but how they can actually make life more difficult!

At the core of this issue is the matter of dealing with the “head/heart” split with which we are all familiar. We believe one thing in our mind, but our whole body and soul seem to want to go another way. When we understand the true reason for this split and the process by which God changes our heart, we can then deliberately pursue transformation in these areas and become more of who God designed us to be.

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