Overview of Session 10

Healing Our Identity and Self-Hate

cracked mirrorWho am I, really? This session addresses head-on one of the most common and pernicious problems that people face – self-hate. Most of us have thought at one time or another,
“If you knew me better, you probably would not like me.” And being a Christian generally does very little to alleviate the severity of this painful secret.

Contrary to what some might think, self-rejection is not a Christian virtue. It comes easily enough to people everywhere and leaves a terrible legacy in its wake. Self-hate is truly a result of the broken world we live in, and God does not want us to be held captive all our life by a fractured identity.

Our goals for this session include showing that the sources and consequences of self-hate are truly evil in nature, and something God wants to deliver us from. By making use of what we have learned in regard to renewing the mind, we will practice engaging with God in ways that allow him to restore us to our true identity in Christ.

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