Overview of Session 11

Disarming Our Fears

hiding in armorHow do we trust when we are afraid? Fear is one of the most powerful motivators that we have. Unfortunately, it can also be very destructive. Fear clouds our judgment and distorts our perceptions of reality. But the truth is that very few fears can be overcome by more education or willpower.

Jesus wants his followers to learn how to live without the common anxieties that nearly everyone deals with at one time or another. But it does not take long to figure out that we cannot follow his teaching on our own. Not only do our fears refuse to respond to our will, but from where we stand, most of our fears appear to be legitimate. So we are often at a loss as to how we might overcome them.

This Session will focus on the core issues that keep us from finding relief and deliverance from our fears, and will show us how to engage with God for our healing.

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