Overview of Session 12

Two Kinds of Maturity

child and adult handsHow do we develop and grow up? Most of us have been taught that human maturity is about becoming more and more autonomous, and that it happens more or less automatically as we get older. Spiritual maturity, however, is supposed to come from trying hard to be a good Christian. Both of these views are terribly mistaken and cause us a lot of difficulties.

The truth is that human maturity is about becoming more and more interdependent by developing the ability to relate to others with joy and competence in increasingly complex relationships. And this growth is achieved through hard work as we learn a broad spectrum of relational skills.

Spiritual maturity, on the other hand, is mostly received through engaging with God in ways that are life-giving. This will lead us to become more and more dependent upon him as we continue to grow.

This Session will offer a truly workable understanding of maturity, and how our human development and spiritual development can be integrated so that we can become more and more the people God created us to be.