Overview of Session 1

Changing Our Minds About Change

How does change really happen? All throughout the New Testament, the Holy Spirit paints a picture of life with God that far exceeds what most of us have known experientially. When we try to make those things a reality in our own life, we usually discover a substantial disconnect between what we see in the pages of the Bible and the life we actually have.

In this Session we will explore why this disparity exists and why spiritual growth seems to slow down to a crawl for so many people. What we find is that most discipleship models are unwittingly based on faulty assumptions that simply do not line up with how God changes lives. So while these approaches may seem to work for some people some of the time, they do not offer any lasting hope for on-going life-long transformation. Once we understand how to to engage with God and how to receive life from him, it changes everything we ever thought we knew about change.

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