Streaming Subscription Options

Our USB and all Subscriptions include both High Density videos as well as Low Resolution videos that work great for online groups (e.g. Zoom meetings).

If you want to stream the entire course, please subscribe to either the Basic Access or the Advanced Access.

If you want to stream a single session (perhaps you missed your group that week),
please select the “View Session (x) Only” subscription for your session.
(Some may also wish to work through the course slowly with a friend, subscribing to 1 session at a time).

For Free streaming access to Session 1, Please see our special walk-thru page here.

Note: Currently our site permits one only one streaming subscription at a time.
For example, you cannot subscribe to both the Basic Access and the Facilitator Training at the same time.
If you want access to both the Session Videos and the Facilitator Videos, please subscribe to the Advanced Access.

(The “Additional Examples of Listening Prayer” on the main course menu is available with every subscription).