What People Are Saying About Forming

“We have been using the ‘Forming’ course as part of our discipleship training at GraceLife Church for the past four years. From twenty-five people in the church foyer to four around a kitchen table; thirteen year-olds to eighty five year-olds; the outcomes have been similar. Christians at various stages of maturity have learned how to engage with God – personally, intimately, confidently, consistently – in ways that are transforming who we are not just what we do. This course has literally been life-giving, changing our expectation and experience of Immanuel, God with us. I can’t recommend it more highly!”
— Alison Pendergrast, GraceLife Church (Perth, Australia)

I am a new born-again Christian (February 2019) and was lucky enough to go to the Forming Course within a week of my surrendering to Jesus, our Lord.
The course was invaluable to me as a novice Christian by being simple to understand; and the workbook was very helpful to refer to for study during and after the lessons. I found David Takle to be gentle, humble, and respectful. It was the Lord who chose David to speak to me during these lessons, which has now given me a greater understanding of how to have an intimate relationship with our God.
I would highly recommend that new Christians undertake the Forming Course as their first course, as it provides a lot of groundwork for other courses. The Forming Course also seems to be great for using as a refresher, as there are things in the course that people perhaps missed or want clarification on.
It was a pleasure to attend the Forming Course and the course workbook was very useful. I learned a lot about myself and lots about Jesus.
Thank you, David, for providing a format that is so easy to understand and videos that are a pleasure to watch.
Blessings and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
— Jacqui Amy Ball

I have been in church all my life and taken dozens of courses. Forming is one of the most important things I have ever done for my spiritual life.
— Participant, NC