Forming shows us how to engage with God in ways that actually change us from the inside out!

The truth is that we cannot live the Christian life we see in the New Testament unless our heart and mind is transformed to be more like the mind of Christ.

So rather than trying hard to act more like Jesus, Forming shows us how to become more like Jesus on the inside, so that we live from our renewed heart instead of from willpower alone.

“We have been using the ‘Forming’ course as part of our discipleship training at GraceLife Church for the past four years. From twenty-five people in the church foyer to four around a kitchen table; thirteen year-olds to eighty five year-olds; the outcomes have been similar. Christians at various stages of maturity have learned how to engage with God – personally, intimately, confidently, consistently – in ways that are transforming who we are not just what we do. This course has literally been life-giving, changing our expectation and experience of Immanuel, God with us. I can’t recommend it more highly!”

— Alison Pendergrast, GraceLife Church (Perth, Australia)