About Forming

Forming is an interactive, experiential course that shows us how to engage with God in ways that change us from the inside out!

To use a metaphor, instead of trying to row against the current of our inner life in an effort to do what we think is right, Forming shows us how to align our sails with the wind, engaging with the Spirit of God to change the direction of our heart, so we can go places we could never get to by rowing alone.

Most Christians experience a significant period of growth immediately following their conversion that includes new insights, making new friends, perhaps changing some behaviors, and learning about the Christian lifestyle. After a few years, however, most find themselves in a place where their growth is slowing down and a level of discontent is setting in.

Forming will show you why this happens, and why we need to change our mind about how to engage with God in order to put real life back into our spiritual growth.

People everywhere report that Forming has been one of the most important experiences of their entire Christian life!

Watch a 3 minute video on YouTube: An Invitation to Forming!