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Forming Videos — Low Resolution Version


For running Online Groups.
This USB is available ONLY to those who have already purchased a Forming DVD set or a previous USB that does not contain the Low Resolution videos (all current USB’s already have Low Res vidoes included).


We now offer a set of Forming Videos that are better suited for running an online group (for example on Zoom).
These videos are identical to the original, but are at a lower resolution that is better suited to transmitting over the internet.

Please note that the High Density USB currently shipping already contains these Low Resolution videos as well.

If you have a older release of Forming that does not contain these low resolution videos, and would like to run online groups, the lower resolution will probably work better. For more information on how to organize and run an online group please visit our resource page.

Please note: We can only offer this USB in the U.S., and only to those who already own a Forming DVD or USB that was purchased without the Low Resolution videos.


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