All About Streaming

Forming is available by streaming everywhere !

Now everyone can experience Forming, even if they do not have access to a facilitated group in their geographical area. While our new USB is still a great choice, Forming can also be streamed with your Internet Browser into your home, your church, and even shared with friends using a group conference tool like Skype or Zoom.

If you would like to sample the course, you can stream Session 1 for Free!

The best way to experience Forming:

  • Subscribe to a streaming service plan (see below).
  • Gather a few friends to go through the course with you.
  • Make sure each participant has a workbook (available here).

Which Subscription should I choose?

In order to provide a variety of ways to experience Forming, we are offering 3 different levels of Streaming.
These will become available according to the schedule here. Please note that these do not automatically renew, but you can renew them any time you wish.

A)  Basic Access to all 12 Session Videos
== 4 Month Subscription for $29 ==

This option gives you complete access to all 12 sessions for 4 months. That gives you plenty of time to work through the sessions, even if your group cannot meet every week. Subscribers will be given a coupon code to purchase workbooks for $1 off the normal price on the Kingdom Formation bookstore (through January 31, 2020).

B)  Advanced Access to All 12 Sessions PLUS Facilitator Training
== 13 Month Subscription for $69 ==

This subscription provides everything in the Basic Access, plus access to the full 5 hours of Facilitator Training videos. Given 13 months, you can work through the Facilitator Training and still have over 12 months for running groups. Subscribers will be able to purchase workbooks at $1 off the normal retail price (through January 31, 2020).

C)  Single Session Access for 1 Session at a Time
== 3 Week Subscription for a Single Session for $4.25 ==
Coming Early in 2020

For those who want to make up a missed session, review a session they had in a previous group, or who simply want to go through the course at a leisurely pace, this option gives you that flexiblity. You simply subscribe to the Session you want to work through whenever you are ready to do so.