To Order Forming as Part of Connexus



Forming Materials Under the Connexus Brand

Forming materials are also distributed by Life Model Works (LMW), under the brand name Connexus, which is a group of three courses.

Please note that the course material is exactly the same.

Order a complete Forming starter set here

Referred to as the Connexus Forming Kit which includes:

  • USB with Session and Facilitator videos (see below)
  • Facilitator Manual
  • 10 Participant Workbooks


Order additional Participant Workbooks here

Each participant should have their own workbook for taking notes
and participating in the exercises.



Order an Extra Facilitator Manual Here

This is an extended Workbook with facilitator notes.

The pages match the Participant Workbook exactly, making it easier to discuss the material in groups.



Order the Forming videos here

(The USB is included in the starter kit as well).

This USB includes:

  • Course Videos
  • Facilitator Training Videos
  • Additional Free PDF resources and JPG’s for promoting the course

You can view the format of the USB here.
(Only the format of the sessions can be seen here, not the videos).



Order Forming: A Work of Grace here

This is an optional text (390 pages) that provides all of the background theology and practical application from which the Forming Course was created.

The chapters follow the course outline, session by session. Consequently, this book is often read first by those who are considering getting the full course.

We highly recommend this for facilitators because of its broad coverage of spiritual formation.

Please note: This books does not contain the exercises used in the course; those are only available in the Workbook.

You can also order this book on
or Humble Shack Network. (our favorite bookseller!)


Order a Personal Journal here

This matching journal has 200 pages, wide-ruled for easy journaling.
Also available from Humble Shack Network.