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New Sailing Practice Info

As of January 2020, we added a 3rd option to the Sailing Practices for this Session.
Older Workbooks do not contain a description of that exercise or the corresponding chart that is on the last page of the newer workbooks, but you can download that exercise from this website.
Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and click the “3×5 Appreciation” link under “Downloads”. You can then save the PDF on your PC and print it.

Here are the instructions for the Exercise:

Sailing Practice #3 – Daily 3×5 Appreciations

Refer to the “three-by-five” exercise sheet.

The idea here is to name three things you appreciate in each of five areas like this:

  • Three things I appreciate about my day.
  • Three things I appreciate about another person(s).
  • Three things I appreciate about myself.
  • Three things I appreciate about God.
  • Three things I think God appreciates in regard to any of the above.

Begin a practice of sharing your 3×5 around the dinner table each night or with a friend by phone or email. Many who have adopted this as a daily routine have reported amazing changes in how they view their life and those around them.