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We offer this forum as a resource for all Forming facilitators, as well as a reference for those who have questions about the course or who are considering leading a Forming course.

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Guidelines for Posting Your Notice

If you are willing to offer a public invitation to your group, please read and follow these guidelines to let people know what you are offering and how to get in touch with you!

Be sure to include all of the following:

  • It this an online or local-in-person group?
  • If local, what city and state?
  • When date does it begin? What are the meeting dates (all 12).
  • What time does it meet (include timezone for online).
  • Who is facilitating the group?
  • Email contact for more information and registration.
  • Will there be a charge above and beyond the workbook? (yes/no)
  • Any other relevant info (e.g. childcare provided).

Please do not post any other type of meeting in this forum.