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Co-Dependence vs Inter-Dependence

In an online group recently, a great question was raised ... "What is the difference between inter-dependence and co-dependence?"

Codependency is a term that gets used for a range of dysfunctional patterns. One type would be when a person is very needy and clings to another person for continuous feedback and other emotional cues. Another example would be when one person props up and enables another person who is addicted to some substance or behavior; the addict is “dependent” on the substance, and their enabler is “co-dependent” with them, in effect defending their friend's behavior and helping them stay addicted.

On the other hand, to be interdependent means that two (or more) people are working together for the good of both, with each person bringing their resources and talents to the relationship.

In short, codependency inhibits maturity development while interdependent relationships help grow maturity.

In deeply committed relationships, codependency is rooted in fear bonds while interdependent relationships are based on love bonds.