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We offer this forum as a resource for all Forming facilitators, as well as a reference for those who have questions about the course or who are considering leading a Forming course.

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From a wonderful church in Australia

“We have been using the ‘Forming’ course as part of our discipleship training at GraceLife Church for the past four years. From twenty-five people in the church foyer to four around a kitchen table; thirteen year-olds to eighty five year-olds; the outcomes have been similar. Christians at various stages of maturity have learned how to engage with God – personally, intimately, confidently, consistently – in ways that are transforming who we are not just what we do. This course has literally been life-giving, changing our expectation and experience of Immanuel, God with us. I can’t recommend it more highly!”
— Alison Pendergrast, GraceLife Church (Perth, Australia)